Simple point a url to another manually?


I’ve got a website where I want to create a quick manual link: ----->

Not working in htaccess:

RewriteRule specialaction pages/48932/action-special.html

RewriteRule specialaction /pages/48932/action-special.html

RewriteRule specialaction index.php/pages/48932/action-special.html

RewriteRule specialaction index.php?r=pages/48932/action-special.html

Get a 404 error.

And in my config UrlManager I can’t do this unfortunality:


How can I fix such a simple thing? I don’t want to use a 301 redirect btw.


A I see now, same issue named as ‘alias urls’. See some topics about it, an extension and seem like there is no simple solution for this. Hm, that’s a pitty…