Simple jquery date and time picker

Hi friends today my aim is to create simple jquery date time picker with Yii.

Follow me.

Step 01 -> Create the controller as follows.


class DateController extends Controller{

public function actionDate(){






Step 02 -> Create the view file.





<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/assets/jquery.datetimepicker.css" media="screen, projection">

<script src="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/assets/jquery.js"></script>

<script src="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/assets/jquery.datetimepicker.js"></script>

       &lt;form id=&quot;one&quot;&gt;

                &lt;input id=&quot;datetimepicker&quot; type=&quot;text&quot;&gt; 






Step 03-> This is step is to link the relavant css and js files of the step 02 code.

please refer the attchments for this step.please.

Hai Ujitha, I am using ext. ejuidatetimepicker to make datetimepicker like as you want and used that really simple

You are correct.But my idea is to integrate the functions of Yii with normal web technologies like jquery,javascript. Try my example it is so much easy to a beginner