Simple Conceptual question about md5()

Let i have a password field(VARCHAR(10)) in Mysql database in a table.

I want to store value after hashing using md5().

Now if someone enter a password with length 10 then will the password field be able to store the value(with the perspective of length of hashed value)

I know its a very stupid question.

Thank you.

And I know that the answer is very easy… just try it and see what happens. We are not supposed to know how md5 works ;)

MD5 produces a 16 byte hash value, usually expressed as a 32 character hexadecimal string:

Wikipedia Page (first hit on google for "MD5").

You’ll likely want to use a VARCHAR(32) field.

Also, I disagree that you should just try things to determine how they work when the answer is easy to find.

if the length of the string is fixed, CHAR is a better datatype than varchar

And why use md5 for passwords when phPass extension is so easy to use?