SIMAK is Academic Information System or Sistem Informasi Akademik in Bahasa.

This app is designed to help school in managing its academic data.

This is my first app using Yii. Its might little ugly. Just click here to explore. If find error contact me or post here

Why not make your icons clickable?

For example to create a new student I click on "New" but the icon for New is not clickable.

It good to make them clickable to imprve user experience …

Did you mean clickable icon on dashboard menu?

Oh thats is still in development.

Thx for visiting and suggestion

nice, have any school used it?

Not yet! Still in development. If you find error, you can post here. Thx

nice work sir, this is what i want on my project in school… can u give me source code of your first apps and database… thnx

sorry not able to see your demo dude - is that demo working or not?

Hi, I like the button bar you create,

can you post the snippet code for taht bar?

the one with manage Add new, Manage, etc

Best Regards

I also created a similar application for the charges, or fee for the student.

But my look and feel is awful

Best Regards

Very nice application… keep it up!!!