Sign Up/in With Facebook

Hi all!

I am starting a new yii project, and I want to make sure to do it in the rightest way.

I would like to implement a user system in which you can register from facebook (or with the usual way), but i don’t know which user module/extension i should use for it.

Could you suggest a good way to do it please?!

If you have a look to you will see what i mean, this registration system (or similar) is which i would like to implement.

Thanks, I appreciate any answer!


Hi eamador, take a look at this extension:

this is another extension if you want to use just for facebook login

Sorry the late replying!

Thanks both of you for the ideas, i decided to implement yiiauth, like sergifm said.

I am following the instructions to install and configure it, everything was going good until I went to try it.

  1. I went to where you see the social network icons.

  2. I clicked in facebook logo and it goes to where i get a 404 error.

So I changed in the main.php config file the base url from

"base_url" => "",


"base_url" => "",

and I repeat the same steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click in facebook logo and it goes to

And I get the 404 error again.

I am following the instructions from

I did all the steps but now i am not sure if i need anything else or i just skipped a step and i did not realize.

Does someone get the same error with yiiauth?

Any suggestion will be really appreciate!