Sicareme Online - Online insurance company

Hi there, is a new webapp for an insurance broker here in Morocco.

In this v1, main language is French, Arabic version in under translation. Further features are under development (mainly for admin back-office, not for guests or users), and more content is under writing / validation (legal terms, more static pages, etc.).

It’s an online eCommerce platform for getting car and truck insurance policies in Morocco, plus university student general liability insurance.

Developed on Yii (1.1.10) of course, with PHP 5.3 / MySQL 5.5 on Apache. We used giix and pdf extension (with mPdf). Outside the contact form, guest views are not the standard Yii ones. There are lots of models, but just a handful of controllers and views.

Good day everyone.

Thanks for using giix!

I hope you had a good time with it.

Thanks Rodrigo for creating it :) Yes, I had enjoyed working with giix, especially GxActiveRecord and GxController. Almost every time I wanted to extend it for some feature I thought it hadn’t, I found that in fact it had it. Awesome :)


nice, +1 for this.

Thank you Kiran, that’s very nice of you.

Arabic version is now online.



For those who want to know, we used a mix of message translation for data-heavy views, and file translation for text-heavy views.

Of course, some data are translated in the db, and many input/db fields are localized.

The layout is still a simple 960px / 12 column with a simple rtl transformation. It got a bit tricky for certain css values (float:right vs. float: left) but we mixed message translation for these as well when styles are inline, or css file translation, or css cascading.

Thumbs up Yii!

And tada… a totally revamped version is on!









Moved on to Yii 1.1.14, improved MVC implementation. Relied even more on Giix extension (GxActiveRecord mainly)

And, Yii is great, have I already said that? ;)