Showing the MySQL query

We have been using Yii for almost a year now and so far so good. That said, I have picked up this project from the previous owner so my knowledge of the Yii framework is newbie at best.

Recently, one of my pages has developed an annoying quirk. When the customer sets up the funds he wants to evaluate and pushes the calculation button, the answer page shows the MySql query in a box on top of the header. That is a problem in Firefox (because it is ugly) but a disaster in Internet Explorer because it messes up the formatting.

If someone has run into this problem or could give me some pointers as to where to look for the problem, that would be a tremendous help.


John C

It’s an error message or a complete SQL query…

If it’s an error… let’s start with the error?

If it’s only a SQL query then there is some code to output that… try to figure out the code behind the button to figure out what controller and what view is called…