showing table details in dropdown


  I am in confuse state as I do not understand how to view in dropdown which are in Some other table.

For example in project table I need to get “project name” column which I’ll view in user table form as dropdown list. How to do this any help will be most most appreciated. :( as am a newbie am struggling pls help.

Thanks Sally.

Have a look at example 4.

Thanku it worked. I have another query in the same yii booster, I have used CKEditor of it for description .




		        'name' => 'description',

        		'attribute' => 'description',

		        'editorOptions' => array(

		            'plugins' => 'basicstyles,toolbar,enterkey,entities,floatingspace,wysiwygarea,indentlist,link,list,dialog,dialogui,button,indent,fakeobjects'




And this is my code, its not getting inserted in the db. When I print to see the entered values the following being printed.



    [Cms] => Array


            [id] => 7

            [project_id] => 1

            [title] => cms3

            [status] => Active


    [description] => desc


As per form description should get printed after title, but its not.

Can anyone help me out from this prob. Am waiting for your answer.

Thanks Sally.


I got answer dude's, That is just in BeforeSave method add single line as following,

$this->description = $_REQUEST['description'];

, Simple.Solved.

Thanks Sally.