Showing Selected Name In Drop Down While Updating

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I’m able to show all the names in drop down while creating a record… how can show same dropdown value while updating…

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Hoping to help this code for your problem

Do like that Model

public function selectStudentName()


$connection = yii::app()->db1;

$sql="Select Sid,StudentName from tbl_student";


$students = $command->queryAll();

$studList = $this->getDropdownList($students,'Sid','StudentName');


return $studList;	


function getDropdownList($rows, $valueCol,$textCol)


	$newList = array();


	foreach($rows as $row)


		$value = $row[$valueCol];

		$text = $row[$textCol];


		$newList[$value] = $text;


		//Newarayname[id col from Db]= text coloumn name from db


		return 	$newList;


then do Like that Controller page

$students = $stud->selectStudentName();

$this->render(‘student’, array(‘rows’ => $rows));

then take rows value in student.php in view page area

thanks for your reply karthik…

I did it now in other way.