Showing different content for diferrent user roles


I recently found about Yii, and I like it very much. I am building a web application for my organization, and I decided to use this great framework. I will describe you what I need to do, and can you tell me if I am going in right direction.

I am using RBAC and I have 3 roles. When a user with one role logs in, one content needs to be shown on front page, and when a user with different role logs in, another content needs to be shown on front page. I want to know what is the best way to accomplish that?

Can I make different views for different user roles and in controller, in actionIndex, say, if user has one role, to render one view, and if user has another role, render another view? Is that right approach?

if the difference between the rendered content is only a small part of your view you could even take this further and render one and same view but in that view render partial view just to cover the difference (using renderPartial()). but this is largely depends on your coding taste so you could go with different views as well.