Showing default sort order in CGridView header

I have a CGridView which is feeded by a data provider with a default sorting order on specific column. The data is shown in correct order. The only problem is that the sort order is not indicated by arrow sign in the corresponding header. I thought I could remedy this by adding “asc” or “desc” CSS class to the link a-tag which is currently marked by “sort-link” class - at least Yii adds itself the “asc” or “desc” class to this link tag after a user clicks the header. But I can’t achieve that: if I use htmlOptions, the style goes to the table cells, if I use headerHtmlOptions, the style is added to th-tag. But it should affect a-tag inside this th-tag. There are also filterHtmloptions and footerHtmlOptions available, but what I actually need is something like sortLinkHtmlOptions, which is missing. Or better yet, I’d suppose that Yii should mark default sorting order in the grid headers automatically. Why does not it do so?

Can someone suggest a workaround? Am I overlooked something?

Thanks in advance.

Oops, I’ve just found the solution in another topic here. Sorry for disturbance.