Show yii app on Mac Xampp

Hi everyone!

I have just installed Xampp on my mac and i am doing a backup of my web app in my mac. 2 weeks ago I developed a website with yii in Xampp but in a windows laptop, and now I’m copying this to my mac.

I have copied the yii framework folder on the htdocs folder of Xampp app, and if I try to access with my browser i don’t have any kind of problem. The real thing is when I try to acces to htdocs/Proyectos/my_app. In this case the browser open the index.php of the app that has the path to the yii framework, but it doesn’t open the website has I expect.

Logically i tried to acces to htdocs/Proyectos/my_app/protected and try to open a specifically web page but it doesn’t work. I guess this is because i don’t hace allowed the acces to it, but it’s localhost user so i am not sure of this. If i try to acces to htdocs/Proyectos/my_app/css i don’t have any kind of problem, then I though in the permission problem.

I don’t know how to change this only for the localhost. This why i can upload it to production environment without readjust nothing on the configuration of the app.

Any solution?

In windows was easy to access to my app, only type localhost:8888/htdocs/proyectos/my_app and it opens the index.php of the website and i can navigate it in local.

Thanks my friends.