Should we support SQL Server 2005 or above only?

There are several issues (997, 1501) logged related with the AR support for MSSQL driver.

Clean solution of these issues requires SQL Server 2005 or above.

Currently, we only require SQL Server 2000 or above.

Should we drop the support for SQL Server 2000 and raise the requirement to 2005?

Please cast your vote if you are using MSSQL. Thanks!

i guess you should up requirement to 2005, as you can see for nowadays limit for mssql < 2005 is headache, using 2005+ row_number() way better than current buggy (for last results of limit bug 1501) implementation, thanx

I am migrating a legacy windows/asp/mssql 2000 application to linux/Yii/PHP/MYSQL. In the transition, I am using the existing MSSQL 2000 as my datasource for the new Yii app until I can get things over to mysql.

I am not too concerned about having everything 100% compatible, as long as I can do basic CRUD.

Not sure how many people have to maintain and integrate with older stuff, but it was helpful for me.

Give me another 3 months, and I won’t care about mssql 2000 anymore. It is really old! ;)

If Microsoft is no longer supporting it, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the framework to no longer support it. A basic or generic ODBC driver would be sufficient if it does not exist already.

Well… you can use the current Yii version, then switch to a MSSQL >=2005 version when the migration is completed.

Thank you all for voting! I didn’t expect there are so many people using MSSQL with Yii.

It’s clear now that the majority of the users vote for supporting MSSQL 2005 or above only.

We will start to do this from version 1.1.5. Thanks!