Should we keep the skin feature of widgets

Skin usage:

Should we keep this feature in 2.0? If few people are using this feature, I’m thinking to drop this feature for better performance.

I’d rather say we should merge skins and themes so that there is only one thing that allows overwriting/replacing views.

So if CTheme allows theming of widget views, we could leave the skins behind.

Agree, I’ve never used widget skins either

+1 by me. I found it a neat feature but never actually used it.

me too , never used it :lol:

I thing that as long as we have a way to customize the looking of widgets inside a theme, no problem removing that. I mean, if Yii looks inside themes/themename/components/views to render the widget view, cannot see why to keep the feature.

To sum it up, I have also never used it and performance matters too much, agreed removing feature! :)


I use widgets too much in my projects, but i never used the skins feature, so i think it’s safe to be removed.

I think that the same functionality is easily achievable inside a widget with an additional param telling witch view to render, but that’s quite rare and tends to be specific functionality for specific cases. So just get rid of it - “I have a need, a need for speed” © Top Gun


for never used it :)

It’s funny, I never used theme either. I was put off from the reality that skin may degrade performance.

@CeBe - I like the suggestion of merging skin and themes.

@Qiang, is this a possible?

Here’s a yes vote. I use skins all the time.

I guess you mean a "yes" vote. Or are skins so horrible that you want to get rid of them?

Edited. I use them to set global parameters for widgets, especially themeUrl and theme.

I never used skins before as I stated in my previous comment, but they are used in the project I started to work on recently, so I’d like to add a bit changed opinion :)

I should admit, it’s a very convenient feature in some cases, though, if it degrades performance significantly, I still think it’s better to get rid of it, at least in such implementation.

Also, occasionally I found this really nice article by Dana Luther, which describes possible skin usages. This article made me to think one more time if there’s definitly no need in skins :).

Never used…