Should process control go into the site controller?

So I have a registration process. There are several subprocesses, each being a model/view. Depending on the type of registration, some subprocesses may or may not be used, and their order can vary.

I'm thinking of handling it with an array to be used with the redirect after validation…perhaps one dimension of the array being the type of registration, and then each subprocess in order for that registration type.

Where would be the place to establish that information and action?  I'm thinking it would make sense in the controller, since it is process control. I could put information within each model, but it seems like an unnecessary duplication of a function (the data for each model would be different, but the code to use it would be the same). I notice that the site controller doesn't seem to have members, and I'm wondering if that's intended.

I think you can create a register controller and make every subprocess as an action so that you can call different redirections/models/views in your actions, in that you have full control of your registration process.

Site controller is just for Yii MVC demonstration, you should build your own app based on your needs.

That's a great idea, thanks. So even though the typical controller's actions are distinct, like the CRUD actions, in this case I'll have a flow from one to the next. Sounds good. Great idea, thanks.