Should my designer knows yii2?


I’am in a new project with a team that don’t really knows yii2. So we started an update session but i have a frontend designer.

My question is should my designer learn all about yii2 like others team members? I’m asking because he don’t want to telling me he is a front end designer not a backender.

Please help me;

hi, i think a yii2 frontend developer need to know something about layouts, views, view blocks, AssetBundle, and all these concept, if he use some template engine like smarty, you can use in the views. but he not need to learn yii like other team members. he should focus in the view concepts

The very PHP basics not to screw things up — yes, why not. Heavy backend stuff — nope. In case of using templating engine he’d need to learn it anyway so it doesn’t matter if it’s very basic PHP or something else.

OK. Thanks you solved my problem.