Should I migrate to Linode from shared?

My website, which is built on Yii, is hosted on a shared server currently. The performance has been slower for past few weeks, since my traffic has increased. I am currently getting 1200 daily hits. I have already tried optimizing my app using Google speed insight and webpagetest tools, but performance is still poor. All I can think of now is that the cause is the shared server. I was looking at other options when one of my friend advised me to migrate to Linode VPS since it has dedicated servers with scalability feature. He has had good experience with Linode. I am thinking of moving to it now, but just wanted to ask community’s suggestion on this.

I think that migrating to Linode would be a waste of money until you know exactly what makes your application slow.

It’s not just the move, but moving gives you the ability to install your favourite stack, say nginx as web server and php 7.1 and latest version of mariadb/mysql.

And beside this, it gives you the ability to configure them using your own use case.

So yes, do it.