Should I even bother

I have no idea when version 2.x of yii will be coming out, but my question is if I should even bother learning yii at this point or should I wait for the 2.x version to come out before I start diving into things? I am not asking for any ETA’s or anything like that, just want to know if it’s worth it to learn the 1.x version and how much of it will carry over to the 2.x version ?



you should start using 1.x asap

Why wait dive in now, I can’t imagine it being 100% different and in the meantime you can take advantage of all it has to offer in its current state.

I concur, there will be differences but a lot of what you learn will still apply.

I believe Yii 2+ may sacrifice some portions of backward compatability for the sake of better solutions. I believe most of parts will be still backward compatible.