Should I Build My Application On Yii 2.0 Or 1


with latest release of Yii 2.0, it has got me wondering on what version should I build my new application on.

my application might take about 6 months or so, it’s a reporting tool.

my concern,"bug fixes for this version will be provided until December 31, 2015 or further if needed." for the yii 1.1 and I plan on having my application for a very long time.

so the question is, how does one make the decision on such matter, my concern is I don’t want to build an application and then rewrite it a year later in 2.0 and at the same time I don’t want to write an application in Yii 2.0 as it is constantly changing and not ready for production. how does one strike a balance here?

also, in Yii 2.0 it says

Yii 2.0 is not ready for production use yet. It is currently under heavy development and we may introduce significant changes without prior notices. You may consider using Yii 2.0 if you just start to learn Yii or you do not have a tight project schedule.

Yii 2.0 is released in terms of application templates. Each application template is a skeleton Web application built on Yii 2.0 and is ready to use out of box. We currently provide two application templates: the basic application template and the advanced application template.

my question is, what is the difference between the basic application template and advanced application template.

thank you

Basic is just a single web application template with console support.

Advanced is divided into frontend, console and backend applications, supports per-environment configs, includes some boilerplate code for signup, login, password reset.

I don’t think I need backend applications or per-environment configs, and I want to keep things as simple as possible, but I would like to have the code for signup, login, and password reset.

Is there a way that I can pull that functionality into the basic template?


Currently it’s by copy-pasting…

Thanks- does anyone else have any thought about which framework to build with .

Yii2 is in beta stage. Unless they break their promise, no major feature is going to change.

Focus is on Bug fixes. That is cemented by Yii Devs when they say:

And your Question is well answered here

Rea full here

Thank you- I have also read that information and just wanted to know everyone opinion. regardless I’m certainly putting off yii 2.0 till a stable release version is out there.

In my opinion once a framework is at beta stage it’s good to go to begin development. There may be minor changes, however the chances of breaking your application in a big way are next to nil.

Composer is good for adding official Yii extensions. Be very very careful adding extensions by other vendors using Composer - I had an application break in a big way the other day.

Thanks. Just to update - I am liking everything the way yii2 is designed and impressed with the composer integration.

Now that I have begin to start developing with it, I have also installed extensions, and finding it really easy to maintain and update. Impressed with few extensions yii2-bootstrap, yii2-authclient, kartik-v/yii2-widgets, yii2-grid, and yii2-builder to name a few.

Definitely, have not faced any problems with extensions breaking anything so far (not sure where your problem was). This is definitely easing my process to update/maintain my extensions. I just learnt that I can extend extensions from my own namespace for my app. This is so good and easier than the earlier version of Yii. Will update anything else I come across.

Here in the config:

'bootstrap' => [



When you find that adding something here does not work, you will understand.

Not sure what you’r talking about - yes I am using this bootstrap feature to load a few components. But did not face any problem with this - seems so straightforward. So far every install went through like a piece of cake - because it eliminated quite a few manual steps for me - except editing the config files. The app tests have run fine so far and am impressed so far with what I have seen.

Still have niggles in understanding a few other things as I read into MVC and query builder. Seen some interesting changes in there… and will have some reading to do.

Well, you did imply a question regarding exactly this. I’m glad that you have not had problems. For me, with one particular extension, it broke and would only load the log. If I deleted the log parameter, then my own component loaded. For whatever reason ( I could not be bothered searching, I just restored my backup ) it refused to load more than one thing.

Oh yes, so straightforward. I’m sure that soon we’ll just have point and click and we can still call ourselves “programmers”.