Shorter Release Cycles


I’d like to ask if Yii2 will have shorter release cycles than Yii1.

In Yii1 there were sometimes issues, eg. full composer autoloading support, which will be available from 1.1.15 on, but which are also already in the repo [size="2"]for months[/size][size="2"], but not officially released yet.[/size]

[size="2"]According to semantic versioning you can release a patch eg. 2.0.1 if everything is fully [/size][size="2"]backward-compatible.[/size]

[size="2"]This goes hand in hand with a development workflow like gitflow where you maintain separate feature and hotfix branches.[/size]

[size="2"]Are there any plans to do so?[/size]

[size="2"]Best regards,[/size]


We have not considered it yet. will think about it after final release. Thanks for suggestion!

Not sure if it’s a good idea. Yeah, it’s cool to get new stuff officially marked as “release” but it’s no different in quality than master code before release (no widely tested).

IMHO you have to distinguish between fixes and features and merge them into different branches.

If you use something like git-flow, the master branch should contain stable, fully tested code anyway.

Consider the example from above, in 1.1.13 it was AFAIK very hard to include composer autoloading, in 1.1.14 then we were able to use it with some workarounds, like adding a \ (backslash) to the class to be loaded. In 1.1.15 this should be fixed and fully supported.

What I wanna say is that (again IMHO) Yii could also be already in eg. version 1.15.7 - don’t save on version numbers too much ;)

Although, the 1.1 release broke BC a little bit (as far as I remember) - so this would have been a 2.0 release actually…

I don’t want to overcomplicate things here, but since I often face the same problems I thought, speak out now.

For those who are interested: The folks at VersionEye have a somewhat condensed explenation of semantic versioning.