Shorten where () and orWhere ()

Hi, is there another way to Shorten where() and orWhere() ?

Example the code like :
$HrEmployeeShift_opt = ArrayHelper::map(HrEmployeeShift::find()->where(['Status' => 'Pasif'])>orWhere(['Status' => 'Rolling'])->asArray()->all(), 'Id', 'Shift');

you could use or in where

$HrEmployeeShift_opt = ArrayHelper::map(HrEmployeeShift::find()->where(['or',
           ['Status' => 'Pasif'],
           ['Status' => 'Rolling']
       ])->asArray()->all(), 'Id', 'Shift');

but as in both conditions is Status you could just use array in where

$HrEmployeeShift_opt = ArrayHelper::map(HrEmployeeShift::find()->where(
           ['Status' => ['Pasif','Rolling']]
       )->asArray()->all(), 'Id', 'Shift');

and why use arrayhelper?
use just

$HrEmployeeShift_opt = HrEmployeeShift::find()->select('Shift')->where(
           ['Status' => ['Pasif','Rolling']]

if you pass in an array it will create an IN query which will be equivalent to what you have

HrEmployeeShift::find() ->where(['Status' => ['Pasif','Rolling']])

DropDown Compatible Query

   ->select(['Shift', 'id'])
   ->where(['Status' => ['Pasif', 'Rolling'])