shortcut function for date formatting

I use this function in globals.php (as proposed in for quickly formatting dates:

function d($timestamp, $format=null) {

  if (!$format) {

    $format = Yii::app()->params['dateFormat'];


  $a = explode('|',$format,2);

  return Yii::app()->getDateFormatter()->formatDateTime($timestamp, $a[0], isset($a[1])?$a[1]:null);


You can use it in your views like this:

echo d($post->createTime, 'long'); //just date with the long format

echo d($post->createTime, 'long|short'); //date and time

or just:

echo d($post->createTime);

if you define a default ‘dateFormat’ in the params section of your config file.

(the exact date formats for the ‘full’, ‘long’, ‘medium’ and ‘short’ labels are defined in the locale data files)