Shared hosting no SSH

Hello all,

I am new to Yii and decided to give it a shot on a small project I am working on. The problem is that I am stuck at the beginning where it seems from the documentation that I must have SSH access to my web server in order to run yiic and setup the application.

I am hosting on a shared hosting without SSH - I am sure there must be a way to use yii framework on such enviornments that do not have command line access. Can I somehow run the yiic directly from a php script? is there any other way to get around this?



As for now, you must have access to the command line for generating application, models, controllers and so on. I think the developers are working on a browser-based version, so you will not have to run any commands from command line.

I’m also on a shared hosting and I have a local copy running on my pc and then I upload the files to my shared host.

Thanks Komodo for the reply. I will set a local enviornment and try it out.

I do have another question though once I run the yiic tool how do I know which files are changed or created and need to be copied to the web server? I could not see clear information about this in the documentaiton for example when I run yiic webapp command are there any config or other files within the framework that are changed? or is it just index.php?

Framework files do not get modified. Files for your application are generated.

The first thing you generate is the application. When this is generated with the shell command (yiic webapp ../testdrive) you will copy the entire "testdrive" directory to your host. This command is only run once.

When running CRUD command, there will be generated 1 Controller-file in controller-directory, 1 view-folder named after the controller (but without Controller in the name). And there will be generated some files in the test-directory, which you should not copy to your live host (you can´t run the test as you don´t have the shell access.

When generating a model, the file is saved in the models-directory and also some test-files is generated as well.

When generating a module, there will be a folder in the modules directory named after the module you generated.

Hopes that clarified you question.

Thanks! yeap that sure helps gonna give it a try, from everything I read this looks like a great lean and mean framework :slight_smile: