Shared Hosting Environment

In the page the link with "Shared Hosting Environment" title not working

What should we do for shared hosting?

  1. Basic app.

  2. Composer should be used locally and its result should be uploaded via FTP/SFTP.

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so i dont need to use the following in my apache on the shared server?

# Set document root to be "basic/web"

DocumentRoot "path/to/basic/web"

<Directory "path/to/basic/web">

    # use mod_rewrite for pretty URL support




by the way what is main diff betwenn basic and anvanced?

im starting new project for online marketing, its gonna be a big project with customers’ panel, sellers’ panel and admins’ panel

what kind of project would be best for me?

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I think on shared hosting you have no access to Apache configs.

Differences are described in the guide.

yes, as i mentioned the guild pointed an unhealthy link