several models in one view (Crud)

Hi all,

I see in the tutorial, that there is an example on which I would like to have some precision.

There is a tbl_user, and there is a tbl_profile. It is a pure one to one relationship.

In term of admin part, and crud operation, I would say that sometimes it makes sense to regroup the CRUD operation of those 2 models …

I mean there would be one admin controller to deal with crud operation on both models in the same time because they are very linked together.

How could we achieve this task ? Or because there are 2 tables, then It must be have 2 set of CRUD (one for each table …)

I read on the doc that CDetailView is intended to be used on one model. Then it would imply that we have to build a (lets say a create view) without help of CDetailView …

What do you thing about this ?

If two tables have a one-to-one relationship, then they are logically grouped together. It would be frustrating to have two controllers. Combine them into a single controller. The controller passes two models to the render() function; and when the form is submitted, the controller updates both models.


Thanks Emily

First of all, thank you to have red my post. I’m reading it another time and I don’t understand how one could understand something.

And yes I it is frustrating, then I merge the tables

Thanks again

Sorry, but I don’t understand your reply. Did my reply answer your question? If not, can you re-phrase your question?


I said that my first post was not very understandable, not very well formed and I wondered how someone could have understand something to my post.

:slight_smile: Ok, so did my reply answer your question?

Yes Emily