Setup Yii project in PhpStorm IDE

I am considering switching to use PhpStorm as my IDE but I am running into some issues when setting up my Yii project.

It seems that PhpStorm cannot recognize the Yii framework that I have included as an external library.

Here is how my dev environment is setup:

  1. Windows 7 with an installation of PhpStorm

  2. VirtualBox with a distribution of Ubuntu (Turnkey LAMP to be specific) as my server.

  3. File share of my root folder on Ubuntu with Windows through Samba and mapped to a drive.

  4. The project files on the server are located under /var/www/<project>

  5. The Yii framework files are located under /var/lib/yii/framework on the server

When setting up the project I did choose the option: "Web server is on remote host, files are accessible via FTP/SFTP), and in ‘Deployment’ wndow I have a mapping from my local path (where project files are stored on my Windows machine) to the deployment path (where files are stored on the server).

I have tried to include the Yii framework using the file share path, and also to a local copy of the Yii. But the Yii framework functions are not being analysed. I even tried to create a mapping for the path to the Yii framework, but the error message I am getting then is that the path is out of project…

I really do hope somebody here on the forum will be able to help me setup a Yii project on PhpStorm with the use of a remote host?

Right now I seem to be at my whits end …

Hi pipppi,

Check these out:

Yii Wiki

Forum Thread

Other source

I haven’t tried using PHPStorm, but I am actually interested. Kindly update us if you got it working, and inform us of your findings in using the said IDE.


I use phpstorm for my project too. I’m new with the Yii framework, but I’m already having trouble setting up the framework as library for code completion etc…

My development setup is the same as pipppi except for step 3(samba). Any advice how to get this working. I’ve read all the wiki’s and have been googleing for quite some time now.

I hope some of you might give me some more insight.

I’m afraid I can’t help with PhpStorm but wondered if you’ve tried Netbeans. It’s an excellent and free IDE that I’ve used for quite some time with no problems.