Setup Yii on shared web hosting

Hi all,

I tried to setup yii on hostmonster shared web hosting. I put yii folder on the same level as the public_html folder. What should I do next? I have tried search the forum but could not find itu. Apologise for asking this category, but I found out it was wuick to get response then on the Installation category.

Thanks a lot for the help.


Please check the documentation on getting started

Hi jayrulez,

I tried to follow the documentation but I got stuck on some points.

  1. Upload and extract yii 1.1.1 inside public_html just for testing, production will be different.

  2. go to see the requirements, everything is passed except PD_postgre, memchache and apc, they got warning. Nothing on failed.

  3. try demos, layout is bad, it seems CSS are not working. error on blog demos.

Could you show me the permission I need to set on the webserver?