Setup Wizard For Yii Application

Hi Guys,

i want to create setup wizars (installer) for Yii powered Application.

i googled but unable to find out right solution.

please anybody help me.

Thanks in Adv.

Please describe your goal and requirements more precisely.

Thanks for reply,

My goal is to create Setup wizard like wordpress and magento setUp wizard.

my client want to create downloadled product which is going to be setup in there enviorment.

once some one download product then they will config Yii using setup Wizard(installer).

that is all.

i hope you got my point.

any advice is welcome.

thanks in adv.

I suppose it’s possible to take a look into wordpress and/or magento implementation of installation process, and make your own based on similar approach(es).

Unfortunately I don’t know how wordpress/magento installation wizard workflow looks like.

Is it just some script, for example install.php that gathers user information and writes it into a configruration file (that’s first that comes to my mind)?

Then you need just to code this flow. Or what’s unclear with it, do you have some particular thoughts/questions?

Ok i’ll check there installtion process then will try to make my own.

thanks for reply.

i’ll post if i have any difficulty.

But, is there any Extenstion or ready script for above?

I don’t know about such ones.

I suppose, multi-step form might be helpful in this case. I’ve used successfully WizadBehavior, TbWizard and FuelUX wizard , so you could try one of them if such workflow is needed.

Based on you seggestion, i created installer wizard sucessfully.

Thanks for reply & suggestion yugene.

Now problem is how to write protected/config/main.php dynamically.

i created new topic in Yii Framework Forum > Yii Framework Discussions > General Discussion for Yii 1.1.x


take a look and please reply if possible.