Setting up netbeans with Yii 2.0

Hi there,

I´m very new to yii and started with yii 2.0.

I was able to easily install the framework with the help of the installation guide and composer.

Now I am following the tutorial and working through the documentation and already got annoyed with my text-editor.

So now I wouldlike to set up Netbeans with the Yii Plugin properly but can´t find any documentation on the process for 2.0.

My setup:

Win 7

XAMPP (C:\xampp)

Yii Framework isntalled (C:\xampp\htdocs\basic)

Can anyone explain how to integrate the existing default project of Yii into netbeans?

I can´t find a yiic.php file…

There is no ./yiic.php file in Yii2. This is now replaced by the ./yii file.

Hm, thank you.

In the meantime I managed to integrate my yii code into netbeans:

  • installed yii plugin via plugin-manager in netbeans (Tools -> Plugins -> serach for "yii" -> install)

  • create new project in netbeans

– choose Categories->PHP and Project->Php Application with Existing Sources

– add your yii framework installation folder ("basic" within xampp in my case)

– choose your php version

– Finish

Theres only plugin for Yii1, not for Yii2.

I also use netbeans for Yii2 development and I’m happy with it. Code-hinting /completion works most of the time. I tried eclipse, aptana and komodo ide but netbeans works the best for me.Btw I didn’t install Yii plugin because yii2 is completely different than yii1. Just try it without the yii1 plug-in.