Setting unknown property: kartik\widgets\DatePicker::_container


I’ve got an error

Setting unknown property: kartik\widgets\DatePicker::_container

rendering a DatePicker widget ("kartik-v/yii2-widgets": "3.4.0") on Yii 2 ("yiisoft/yii2": "2.0.10"). This is the stacktrace:

This is part of the template code:


use kartik\widgets\DatePicker;

use yii\helpers\Html;

use yii\helpers\HtmlPurifier;

use yii\widgets\ActiveForm;


$layout_multiple = '{picker}{input}{remove}';

echo DatePicker::widget([

'name' => 'multiple_date_selection',

'value' => $model->multiple_date_selection,

'type' => DatePicker::TYPE_COMPONENT_PREPEND,

'model' => $model,

'form' => $form,

'attribute' => 'multiple_date_selection',

'layout' => $layout_multiple,

'options' => ['placeholder' => Yii::t('app', '(Select Multiple Dates)')],

'pluginOptions' => [

'format' => 'yyyy-mm-dd',

'multidate' => true,

'multidateSeparator' => ' ; ',

'todayHighlight' => true,




Problem arises only when $form value is not null. I cannot understand what kind of object is “_container” and why it’s raising exception. Could it be related to form validation?


Usually you have to specify either


[*]a pair of ‘name’ and ‘value’,

[*]or a pair of ‘model’ and ‘attribute’.


They are mutually exclusive. You don’t have to (or, rather, should not) specify ‘name’ and ‘value’ when you are using ‘model’ and ‘attribute’.


And you could write like the following when you wanted to use a widget in an ActiveForm:

echo $form->field($model, 'multiple_date_selection')->widget(DatePicker::classname(), [

    'options' => ['placeholder' => 'Select the dates ...'],

    'pluginOptions' => [