Setting theme.

I am a new programmer in php and Yii framework. I want to set theme in yii framework

How do I set theme in Yii framework?

and also how do i create widget in yii?

[html]In the application configuration, if we configure

return array(




quoted form here:

create a widget:


I have changed theme easily. But I can’t understand in detail about widgets.

How do i create widget step by step?

Can you tell Me?

here is a short article about it:

let me know if it doesn’t help and I will write a more detailed one.

I mean to say that, a widget in which i have tree view type menu as per user roles.

i am going to develop a store management system. This widget should help me.

Is there any possibility?

sorry but I don’t understand what you mean.

I want to say that, a widget that generates menu based on database.

why don’t you use CMenu? you can generate the array of items from your database.

How do i do it?

Can you give me an example or tutorial in detail?

how to set different themes



you can set theme as per action also…