Setting showscript =>false, $_GET method won't work

My issue is when i set on main.php to set ‘showScriptName’=>false,

The $_GET don’t work anymore. But if I not. It does work fine. Any ideas about this?

Controller part:


$criteria->addSearchCondition('field', $_GET['keyword'], true, 'AND');


if(isset($_GET['keyword2']) && !empty($_GET['keyword2'])){

$criteria->addSearchCondition('field2', $_GET['location'], true, 'AND');


$total_count = Table::model()->count($criteria);

$result = Table::model()->findAll($criteria);

$pages = new CPagination($total_count);



$dataProvider = new CArrayDataProvider($result,array('pagination'=>array('pageSize'=>$page_count)));









The path after it submit isl ike this:

But when I print_r the $_GET parameters it does not fetch anything.

Any idea?