Setting a personal git server

Hi everyone,

Since I am still learning and need some insight, how do you install and setup yii2 including making a git repo so I can work from different computer and commit my work?

My steps are:

  1. Install yii2 advanced using composer into localhost computer first.

  2. Create a new repo (using bitbucket) server, push everything from local to git server.

  3. Using other computer to set up git connection and pull everything.

I thought I am done, I realized something that installing yii2 with composer or from archive contains gitignore for some files. So when I do git pull on the other computer, I cannot run the webapp due to some missing files.

Is it a bad thing if I remove the gitignore file, or its there for a good reason? How do you do it if you want to work on your web remotely?

For my own, i never needed to delete that file and can work normally. Which files are missing on your remote repository ?

Mostly index.php file in frontend/web or backend/web folder.

The .gitignore in the that folder contain this:



and in the based directory .gitignore file contain:

# yii console command


# phpstorm project files


# netbeans project files


# zend studio for eclipse project files




# windows thumbnail cache


# composer vendor dir


# composer itself is not needed


# Mac DS_Store Files


# phpunit itself is not needed


# local phpunit config


I searched there are about 31 files of .gitignore in various places.

Applications built on the advanced template must be initialized after a fresh checkout in a new environment because the initialization script generates some files, like frontend/web/index.php and backend/web/index.php, with environment specific content (and that’s why these files are git-ignored).

I use Deployer, and wrote a blog post about using it to deploy Yii applications: Deploying Yii with Deployer

For Deployer with the advanced template, check out my yii advanced deployer project template: