Set up problem

I make a cms with Yii and I upload at production server I set up database but I see a blank page.

What may be wrong, I ask them and they said maybe some files are not uploaded,I upload again the protected files but nothing again.

What maybe wrong?

I think the host has disabled all output error.

Try to execute:


and look if you can catch some error information.

I fix the error but now some files have the 500 Internal Server Error, some of them are the update or "new" "url" of some tables.

These scripts are created with crud script and I change some things, I set fckeditor and some minor changes at html as to set the values for a <select> tag.What should be wrong?

I change hosting company and the site for now works ok.

One problem now is that the captcha does not appears, I set the Yii application at a subfolder of root of the site.

Does the new hosting service have gd2 extension enabled?

As the cpanel writes (and I copy the write information).



GD Support enabled

GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible)

FreeType Support enabled

FreeType Linkage with freetype

FreeType Version 2.3.7

T1Lib Support enabled

GIF Read Support enabled

GIF Create Support enabled

JPG Support enabled

PNG Support enabled

WBMP Support enabled

XPM Support enabled

XBM Support enabled