Set Up Developement System for Contribution

i tried to set up a Dev System for Helping Yii2.2 - but i’m stuck after forking and cloning. I followed the Guide:

Now i’m stuck with - 3. Prepare the testing environment - where i did php build/build dev/app basic <fork> which worked. but i do not have a “web” “model” oder “controller” folder on my computer. There was no error message during install.

Is there another step needed?


That is framework code. It have got no MVC as framework is just set of classes to help developer develop faster. Once you fix whatever error, run tests to see if something is not broken.

Or if you really want that you can try change and test whatever you want in vendor/yiisosft/yii2 of a basic template and move changes to your framework code once confident it is working.

I suggest former over the later

thanks very much for helping. but why do i need the php build/build dev/app basic <fork> command? i already have the framework code to run unit tests and make changed. For example i tried to solve a simple thing. This Bug: Creation of dynamic property YiiRequirementChecker::$result is deprecated · Issue #19781 · yiisoft/yii2 · GitHub - therefore i should test the page to confirm the change and also run tests.


Did you notice that is under “If you are going to work with JavaScript:”?
Yii especially on frontend stuffs like Gridviews, Pjax et al utilizes JS hence the npm/build commands.
If you are not going to touch the JavaScript stuffs, you do not need it!

ok, thanks again, than i got it. i was a little bit confused because of the headline (Prepare the testing environment) - now it’s clear. Thanks.

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