Set Id Value To The Button (Bootstrap.widgets.tbbuttoncolumn)

[b]using this bootstrap.widgets.TbButtonColumn try create a button column. How to set ID value to this?

[color="#00BFFF"]we tried ‘id’ => ‘$data->Id’, like below which didn’t work.[/color]




'template' => '{linkPatient} {toggleVisit} {update} {delete}',

'buttons' => array(

                  'linkPatient' => array(                                                

                                        label' => 'Link Patient',

                                        'icon' => 'icon-user', 

                                        [color="#ADD8E6"]'id' => '$data->Id',[/color]

                                        'options' => array('data-toggle' =>'modal',

                                        'data-target' => '#myModal',                                                                                                                                                                                                                           




[b]Then how to pass this Id value to the modal dialogBox.

How to change button column icon onClick like toogle and execute some other function,.[/b]

Have you tried to place the id in the options array?