Sessions Docs

The docs under Handling Requests, from bootstrapping to sessions and cookies are coming up as:

[color="#BF2323"][font="Arial, sans-serif"][size="3"]Unable to resolve the request "doc-2.0/guide-runtime-sessions-cookies.html".[/size][/font][/color]

[color="#BF2323"][font="Arial, sans-serif"] [/font][/color]

Also seeing the same message under all sections under Helpers. I know I saw an earlier post about some of the docs being merged into other sections, but that is unlikely to be the case here. I was particularly interested in how set and call session data about the user…

Its likely that that part isn’t written yet. Is there a markdown file under same name in yii repo?

Seems you’re right, I was using the left nav menu, not looking at the page. In the center content, it has TBD on the subjects that aren’t resolving with the left nav.