Session Timeout - How to change it

I look to the framework, it’s session very long, So now, I want to change and modify it .

how can i do it ?

I want to know: what file contain "session timeout", how to modify it

You can set it in the session part of your configuration file. For example

'session' => array(

		   'timeout' => 1200,

		   'cookieMode' =>'only',

		   'cookieParams' => array('secure' => false, 'httponly' => false),


Can I have your email (yahoo messenger, live chat… etc). I want to chat with you

I get the error message:


Indirect modification of overloaded property CWebUser::$id has no effect

00026:                       $command->bindParam(":u_id",Yii::app()->user->id,PDO::PARAM_INT);

what wrong ?

in some function, I create the same, but I still update, insert. and with this function it have problem

I put it in config->main.php

but still not working