Session_Regenerate_Id(): Session Object Destruction Failed

since i update to 1.1.12 i get this error in login

session_regenerate_id(): Session object destruction failed 

i have separate module in my project, and every module have their login page.

i learn from this article

i have check all the forum post but no one solve this problem…

please help me for this issues… :blink:

any one can help me…

if i downgrade the framework , the error solved… but it’s not the solution

I don’t know what’s the issue is with sessions, but I’d do:

  1. find the exact problem, also checking what has changed between working and not-working framework code versions.

  2. if it’s a bug would inform development team.

  3. also you may check out 1.1.13RC version.

  4. as an option, not to downgrade framework version you may overwrite problematic class(es).

thanks for your replay yugene ::)

yes i’ll try check out 1.1.13RC version, i hope it can solve the problem.

if not, may be i’ll be overwrite the classes, not downgrade the , thanks for your advice yugene…

i get one issues know… this happen in firefox browser only, but not in chrome and ie

hemm…do you think this firefox issues ? and not yii coused… <_<