- Hotels mini bar consumption software

Hotels mini bar consumption with IVR support

  • Powered by Yii2 (advanced template)

  • Multilanguage

  • With IVR (Intelligent Voice Response) integration using Asterisk

  • Running on CentOS 7.3

  • Closed source

  • Used to control and report Mini bar consumption and product inventory.

  • Users can report consumption either via IVR using Asterisk as PBX [size=“2”]while all logic is implemented using Yii’s console via Asterisk AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) or [/size][size=“2”]using the application’s frontend.[/size]

  • It also communicates with the hotel’s PMS (Property Management System) via TCP or in some cases via RS232 in order to charge guests as soon as the consumption [size=“2”]is reported. [/size]

  • All reports and statistics can be exported to PDF.

  • Support multiple accounts (hotels).

Nice one! Please add it to Thanks.

Is the console running as daemon?