Service class ?

Hi all !!

Coming from the Java world I would like to implement a service layer between the controllers and the models.

eg in the controller i would like to do something like this.

in the controller

	public function actionTest($articleId, $endCustomer, $reseller){

		$hwService = new HwService();

		$hwQoutes = $hwService->gethwPrice( $articleId, $endCustomer, $reseller );






However I have some troubles I have added a "service" folder in the protected folder.

This folder conatains the hwservice class and I have added the service folder to the import array in config

But when instancing the hwservice class from a controller I get Missing argument 1 for CController…

what Im a missing here ?

Thanks in advance

How did you define your HwService class? Is it extended from CController? If so, why? If not, what is the constructor for that class?

ohh man I am such noob with PHP, Im used to have a default constructor by default …

Now its working thanks for kicking me in the right direction.

No problem. You might also consider to let your service extend from CApplicationComponent. Then you can configure it like any other Yii component in main.php. To access it, you’d use e.g Yii::app()->hwService.