$_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"] requirement error


I’m new to Yii, when I run the requirements on my server, I get this:

$_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"] must be the same as the entry script file path.

What that means?


The check done here is

if(realpath($_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]) !== realpath(__FILE__))

   return t('yii','$_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"] must be the same as the entry script file path.');

So try to echo these values:






To see what is different…


returning empty :expressionless: there’s nothing in there :(

why? something missing in the config???


It depends of the system config… but I’m not sure what setting does this… try to contact your server administrators… As the PHP doc says this should return - The absolute pathname of the currently executing script.

Maybe some nasty safe_mode restriction again? You could inspect the output of phpinfo(); on your server. Maybe it gives you a hint.

the phpinfo gives me ‘none’ in the _SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]

Is your server running on IIS? If it’s true, this key is not supported on IIS (Comparision table).

According to this ticket for CakePHP may be we need such fix in Yii too?

the server is running Apache.

going to check that.

After asking the same question in other forums, someone said that he had the same problem.

After testing after testing, he discover that was a php corrupt module (curl).

The problem is that i cannot do that in the production server. :expressionless: