Server locale + Yii formatCurrency

I happened to stumble upon this behavior:

If you do the following

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF-8');


Yii::app()->locale->numberFormatter->formatCurrency('1234.56', 'EUR');

the output is "1 234 ,56,00 €" instead of "1 234,56 €." So it seems something in formatCurrency depends on the locale setting and then screws up. This is not really an issue for me in the sense that my locale is en_US.UTF-8, and then everything works fine, but others might have different locales. I suppose this is a bug?

Are you using the latest version (from SVN)? IIRC, a ticket was submitted a while ago, on this or a similar issue.

/Tommy (not a core team member)

Sorry, yes, it’s 2816.