I’m glad to present you my website (in french). This is a website about TV Shows. I have been doing it on my freetime.

We have around 20 000 unique visitors per days.

The website has been first created 6 years ago using procedural php.

Then we decided to move to yii.


Webpage of a tvshow as an example:

very nice site ! Good job darkheir !

[size=“1”](je dis pas ça parce que c’est un site français … cooocorico !! :D )[/size]

One issue I have noticed on this page : on FF (v 32) the image is not displayed correctly … an ad seems to interfere with the full size view. With Chrome everything is ok.



Great Work !

([size=“1”]En vrai ton site claque ! Oui je copie Raoul mais j’ai bien rit en voyant sa petite phrase !:D)[/size]

I hope your site will be meet more success ;)