I’m using Yii about a year now and have to say it’s a very good, fast, flexible and reliable framework! Until now i used it mostly at my job, but i finally found some time to create a personal project with it. It’s online for about 2 months now and thought it wouldn’t harm if i should share it with more Yii-fans :)

It’s a community based website for tv show fans. People can specify which episodes they have seen, getting e-mail notifications when a new season starts en a few more functionalities.

The website can be found here:

I also use the Yii forum extension, which i tweaked a bit for my needs.

Any feedback is appreciated off course!

nice design +1

Nice looking site, never saw that forum extension before, looks neat. Which extension did you use for the facebook login?

Thanks! Yes, it’s a pretty good extension to start with. I had to tweak it a bit to work with my current user database, added avatar-support, quote and a different wysiwyg editor.

I wrote the real login/signup part myself, so it would work with my current user database (it actually uses CUserIdentity to login). I’m using the facebook-opengraph extension so i can use all the Facebook API functions.