Separate Yii2 Extensions

I think it is difficult to find extensions for yii2 from current extensions repository because both are stored under the same repository (extensions) :( what about you?

I think authors should wait with publishing their Yii2 extensions on the page until at least Yii 2 beta is released.

If someone wants to get their extension public then a Github repo, Packagist entry and post on forum should be enough.

Since Yii2 is “still in flux” how much change to the extension is there going to be? A LOT…8)

Is there a way to “officially” request a separate repository for the Yii2 extensions? The difference in compatibility sort of requires them to be in different locations. Or if that’s not possible then there should be some simple and effective way to filter between Yii2 and Yii1 extensions. There are all these nice links to different categories but you can’t use them since they return both yii1 and Yii2 search results. It would help to at least have some kind of additive/subtractive filtering.

I realize that for Yii2 extensions the documentation mentions that Composer can download extensions from Packagist. But it doesn’t say that’s required. Also it’s not as easy (at least to me) to search through Packagist as it is to search through the extensions listing on the Yii site. It would be nice to have some kind of correlation between the Packagist site and a new Yii2 extension site/page (or whatever).

We’re already at Yii 2.0.2 at the time of this post. And Yii 1.1.x is already getting close to “end of life” as stated on the download page: “Continued support and bug fixes for this version will be provided until December 31, 2015 or further if needed.” So I hope this happens soon.