We’ve just launched our first commercial app built on yii:

We’re doing something a bit different to the other SEO tools out there. They tend to be very “static”, lots of lists of stuff without a great deal of insight. Through a combination of yii, python, java .net and elasticsearch (phew) we’ve begun to index individual elements on a page so you can specifically search elements like headers, alt text, title, urls etc. So you can still find pages that are missing a H1 but you can query all pages to find links to a given domain or links that use specific anchor text. And we’re doing this all in real-time so you don’t have to wait ages to start playing with the data.

Yii was just an obvious choice for us. Since the site relies heavily on AJAX we needed a framework that could service a high number of requests without stressing out the hardware. It’s performed wonderfully so far.

We’d love any feedback (there’s a free demo account). If SEO is your thing then we’ve a limited number of free accounts to anyone interested in helping us refine and improve the product - just message me via the forum.



Thanks to the people that messaged me. The free accounts have all been taken now.