Sending Email with attachment

Hi All…

I am working on a site in which there are print,email and pdf links on each and every page. For print I am using the print extension .I am generating pdf’s with tcpdf. NoW I want that when the user clicks on the email button the pdf file for that page will be emailed to the user. Can anyone tell me how to send attachments in mail in Yii.

Is there any extension available. I was trying to find it but not able to find it :-[

Any help is appreciated.


I use this one and it works great for attachments plus you can use views for your email templates


Thanks Angelo for paying attention to my problem

Will try it and tell you


Also you can use Zend_Mail from Zend Framework. I’ve used it in my projects.

I tried to use mailo extension but I was not able to attach files with it. May be because of my less understanding. I tried using mailer extension and it workd great and was much easier to use at least for me. Moreover attaching files was easy too…

So one can try using it