Sending email through contact form

I have configured my email from to my email in the config file, and then i try to send from the site contact form a message, but if i check my email there is no message in my inbox. Thanks.

you working on local or a live server?

live server

i have to same issue, but i am working locally. is there any ability to send an email via the application but locally?

[font="Tahoma"]Hello, [/font]

[font="Tahoma"]you need to configure smtp setting in you php.ini file to send mail from locally[/font]

[font="Tahoma"]smtp_server =[/font]

[font="Tahoma"]smtp_port = 25[/font]

[font="Tahoma"]auth_username =[/font]

[font="Tahoma"]auth_password = example_password[/font]

If you do not have a mail server and your email end up going to a spam folder, use

You can send 12,000 emails per month for free and allows you to send around 300 emails per hour once their system identifies you as a good user.

I have been using it for a small project of mine, have served me well so far since I am nowhere close to even sending 12,000 emails in a month, like I said, its a small project.


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