Sending email takes much time!!

hi there,

I’m using this extension to send emails.Email

The extension works great! The only problem that i faced when i hosted my app online for testing is that once the email function is invoked in the controller , i receive the email after a couple of hours rather than instantly, i have tried it many times , but no changes at all, not even once get an instant email.

I have hosted my app in my sub-domain. Will it be a cause for this issue or is it something to do with the extension?

Lemme know if anybody else have this problem or anyways to get around it or any other better extensions available !


Haven’t checked this extension… but try to send an email from pure PHP by using the mail() PHP function -

If again the email is slow… the problem is on the mail server… and you will need to check with the server support staff…

hi there,

Thanks for your response.

The deal is that, this extension helps to make use of view to send properly formatted emails and which don’t get sent to the Spam. I suppose that the inbuilt php mail() adheres to these.

What I suggested is just so that you find out if the reason for the "slow" mail is in the extension or in the server (most probably)…

Thanks, I will try using php mail() and compare the delivery time to determine the problem.

Will ask for your help again, if needed…!!